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Our classes combine elements of yoga, fitness and aerial silks. We have classes for children and adults.

Hippity Hop Bunnies & Bubbles Yoga

Try our air mat fusion classes where the silks are used as a prop to support you in various poses, deepen your stretches and float in the air for final resting pose of savasana. 


Intro to Aerial - Always wanted to try aerial yoga? Come try it out with this beginner class. We will use the breath and slowly move through various poses and end in floating in final resting pose of savasana. Beginner level.

Aerial Yoga - In this class we use the breath to move through aerial yoga poses through creative sequences both in and out of the silk. Explore movements that will assist in flexibility and lastly transition through inversions that will decompress, stretch and hydrate the spine. Float above the ground in the silk for savasana or remain on that mat as preferred. All Levels.

Restorative Air Mat Fusion - This class is a gentle slow flow of supported poses with the silk close to the floor designed to help you relax and calm your mind. Melt away physical and mental tension. All levels.

Barre -  Class with ballet inspired moves, dance , yoga and pilates mixed in for a beautiful conditioning class. 

        Children Classes

Air Kidz (8 -15) - Mixing aerial fit and aerial tricks. A consent form must be signed by a parent.


Mindfulness with Meka - Ages 8 and up. Join Meka the youngest certified yoga instructor in the U.S. for yoga, arts and crafts, sound healing journeys and journaling, make a mindful connection with your peers. 



      Special Pop up Classes

Hula Hoop Air Dance - A fun fusion of yoga using the hoop as a prop and air poses in the aerial silks. You will also learn to hula hoop in the class and a some tricks.

Aerial Tribal Dance Fusion - Combines yoga postures, primal flow dance moves, Aerial yoga silk poses  and intentional shaking to create an experience meant to help you break through emotional, mental and physical barriers. A soulful blend of Vinyasa and Aerial yoga meant to awaken your primal energy.

All of the classes at Lotus Moon attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind.

Healing Arts

Join us for creative practices that promote healing through massage therapies, infra-red crystal infused Bio-mat, music, sound, dance, movement. Events and classes will be listed when they are scheduled.

If you are interested in renting the studio to lead a class/event, please contact us at

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